Tuesday, September 7, 2010 - 8:28 PM (PST)

Hello Folks! Check out the first animated short based on DON'T FORGET TO VALIDATE YOUR PARKING!

Written by Mike Le
Produced by Jeff Balis, Rhoades Rader, Alex Afzali, & Mike Le
Animation by Michael Figge

Tuesday, February 2, 2010 - 10:48 PM (PST)

Hello Loyal Readers --- sorry for the lack of updates but 2010 is starting off very busy. I should have some amazing news for you guys very soon. No new webcomic for this update but I just wanted to let everyone know that I am now a regular contributor to What is GeekWeek you ask? GeekWeek is the Huffington Post for all things geek and cool. The quickly growing site was launched by my buddy Jeff Katz, a former executive at New Line and Fox, and producer of such films as SNAKES ON A PLANE, SHOOT EM UP, and WOLVERINE. Jeff is a big geek himself and wanted to create a site that was a one-stop shop for everything cool in popular culture. So make sure you book mark and keep checking back for my stuff.

Here are links to a few things I've been writing about:

Monday, December 7, 2009 - 3:05 AM (PST)

Dear Readers,

"Part 61: The Voicemail of Meredith Baxter" is now up for your reading pleasure.

And as a reminder, a wonderful Christmas gift to yourself would be downloading the digital versions of MAYHEM #1 and #2. I promise it's a digital comic book experience unlike any other. MAYHEM #3 is set to launch sometimes this month also, so keep a look out!

Also, the TV show I produced called FIRST IN had its debut in the UK this month. So for you people in the UK, check your listings on BET London for FIRST IN.

And lastly, a short film I produced called TWIRL was accepted into the Houston Comedy Film Festival. This is the second festival TWIRL has been accepted to. So congrats to the amazing cast which includes my webmaster, Monica Lee, and Jackson Kuehn, who also stars in the award-winning film MADE IN CHINA! And big congrats to the very talented writer/director Mira Lew for making it all happen!

-Mike Le

Tuesday, November 24, 2009 - 2:37 AM (PST)

"Part 60: We Were Warned" is now up for your reading pleasure.

Wow. I can't believe I've done 60 of these. I need to get a life.

So we have a solid production schedule for the upcoming animated version of DON'T FORGET TO VALIDATE YOUR PARKING, and the schedule is tighter than Adam Lambert's jeans. The series is produced by Jeff Balis, Rhoades Rader, Alex Afzali, and yours truly. The animation is being done by a very talented team lead by Michael Figge. You can see a small taste of what my animated self will look like (and in color!!!) by going to my Twitter page.

If all goes according to plan (and everything goes according to plan in Hollywood), you should be seeing some of the animated DFTVYP first half of 2010.

Finally, I want to send out some congrats to a few of my friends. First to Mark Sable who sold his comic book UNTHINKABLE to Mandalay Pictures. Check out the Hollywood Reporter announcement.

Then congrats to Josh Cagan for selling his spec script to Warner Brothers. Check out the announcement.

And big congrats to The Scriptshadow, who previously gave me a lovely write up on his popular blog. Well guess what? His blog is featured in this month's WIRED magazine. Get the details here.

Nice to see good things happening to good friends!

-Mike Le

New interview with Kat Blasband
Sunday, November 8, 2009 - 11:21 PM (PST)

It's been awhile since I've updated my INTERVIEW section. So I decided to get back into it by chatting with my good friend, Kat Blasband who is the Director of Development at Tapestry Films. She is easily one of the coolest people in Hollywood. Wanna know how cool? Check it out here.

-Mike Le

Part 59 and The-OCD...
Tuesday, November 3, 2009 - 3:58 AM (PST)

New webcomic up..."Part 59: The Things That Divide Us"

My girlfriend, Denise, has a blog called THE-OCD. ; You guys should check it out. Halloween is a big occasion for her because she has the audacity to make her own costumes from scratch. She's in the fashion business, so she has mad skills like that. Last year, she recreated and wore the infamous Bjork swan (or was it a goose?) dress. Anyways, this year she went as Lady Gaga. A lot of people went as Lady Gaga, but I promise you, none of them looked as good as my girlfriend who embarked on recreating one of Gaga's more complex outfits. Denise is documented the journey of creating this costume (amongst other cool things) over at THE-OCD.

All of this of course forces the question: What the hell did I dress up as for Halloween? Well...I basically pinned on a make-shift TMZ badge (thanks to the Photo-shop talents of my assistant) and carried a flash camera and was her paparazzi (you know, like the song). Yeah, I know what you're thinking...I'm the lame boyfriend who didn't put any effort into his costume -- well fuck you very much cause the philosophy was that I was a part of HER costume. I was her accessory.

And I did put some effort into it. I actually called Harvey Levin's office at TMZ and asked if they would be kind enough to send me an authentic TMZ badge for my Halloween costume. After speaking to several people, including their production manager, I was declined for "security reasons". Security reasons? Those motherfuckers at TMZ think they're part of the SMSC or something (read Dan Brown's new novel if you don't get the reference).

Oh, and DJ HERO just came out and I've been wasting time behind the plastic wheels-of-steel. Sorry Steven Spielberg, but it may be a few days before I have time to return your calls. I have a competitive DJ Hero party coming up this weekend and need to walk in with my head-high and chest puffing.

I'll leave you guys with this lovely interview I did with Tyrese over at Comic Book Resources where we discuss the digital MAYHEM on iTunes. And the digital version of MAYHEM issue #2 is now available on iTunes.

-Mike Le

Wednesday, September 30, 2009 - 2:50 AM (PST)

Dear Readers,

Contrary to popular reports, I am still alive. So here we are again with a new edition called: Chapter 58: Why I Missed My Pitch Meeting With Amy Pascal

My TV show, FIRST IN, the docu-drama reality series that I am a co-executive producer on, will air on BET tonight, Sept. 30th, at 10 PM (or 7 PM, depending on your cable/satellite service). Please check it out or set your TIVO! I promise you won't be disappointed.

Here's the trailer to FIRST IN.

And some more coverage.

Send me an email with comments! Would love to get your feedback.

In addition, my comic book MAYHEM keeps making news by being the first comic book to be digitally available on iTunes as part of their new LP feature. You can find it on iTunes here.

More coverage:

And while we were in San Francisco on Sept. 9th for Steve Job's big keynote presentation (the MAYHEM LP was launched the same day) -- we stopped by Comic Outpost to do an in-store signing. Here's some video of the craziness at our signing.

Also, the political-thriller I wrote "WMD" was submitted to the Sundance Film Festival and the animated shorts to DON'T FORGET TO VALIDATE YOUR PARKING are coming along swimmingly. Thanks to producers Jeff Balis and Rhoades Rader for keeping the momentum going.

Oh...I also met the most amazing girl recently. So have every right to hate me because I ain't complaining too much these days.

Until next time...

-Mike Le

Monday, August 3, 2009 - 1:05 AM (PST)

What an amazing Comic-Con this year! The Con experience just gets better and better every year for me. I even got to meet Peter Jackson (who walked away with a copy of MAYHEM). MAYHEM certainly made its presence known as we launched the title on hundreds of thousands of comic fans.

Here's the cover to the convention exclusive of MAYHEM #1. It's Tone Rodriguez's tribute to Jack Kirby.

This is the madness that was our table at the Image booth as people crawled over each other to get their copies of MAYHEM! Occasionally the likes of Robert Kirkman, Todd McFarlane, and Rob Leifeld would swing by to say hello! Thanks to Image head of marketing, Joe Keatinge, and the other creators for putting up with us. Photos not enough? Check out these videos:

Getting our lovely street team together to spread the MAYHEM word.

That's Jim Lee drawing sketches of MAYHEM for the crowd gathered around our booth.

And on the last day, we broke out and celebrated with MAYHEM wine!

That's Stan Lee holding up a copy of MAYHEM!

And even The President of the United States endorses MAYHEM!

On Saturday night we threw a massive MAYHEM launch party at Club Stingaree. It was absolute chaos outside as people tried to get into the packed party. I'm sorry to those who couldn't get in. We filled to capacity very quickly.

And this is what the party looked like from the inside! More fun than any human rightfully deserves.

That's me with my lovely date for the evening. I'm heading into the club as I close a deal on the phone with one hand, and sweep up a girl in the other -- cause that's just how I roll. Ha!

In the VIP room: Jim Lee, Tyrese, Carla, myself, & Fabiola.

In other MAYHEM news, Dave Johnson, famed cover artists of 100 BULLETS, has done an exclusive MAYHEM #1 cover to be sold at Meltdown Comics only.

And to top it off, we got Jim Lee to agree to do the wrap-around cover for the upcoming MAYHEM hard-cover edition. We unveiled this on the Image panel at Comic-Con and it blew the audience away. People are still buzzing about it. Can't wait to see it colored!

Most of you know me as an artist from only my webcomic (which has little art to display), but I do dabble outside of DFTVYP from time to time. So I decided to take my turn interpreting MAYHEM. Here's my pin-up of MAYHEM, which I penciled and inked, with colors by Rachelle Rosenberg. It'll probably be published in one of the issues.

-Mike Le

Part 57, interview, and Comic-Con
Monday, July 20, 2009 - 1:57 AM (PST)

Hey gang! "Part 57: Training For Comic-Con" is up for your reading pleasure.

Also, I did this new interview over at Check it out and learn how I got my first job in Hollywood!

And Comic-Con is almost upon us! I'm going to be there this year in a big way. My comic book, MAYHEM, will have a table at the Image booth throughout the entire Con and I'll be there signing limited convention editions of issue #1 along with the rest of the MAYHEM team.

MAYHEM will also be presented at the Image Comics panel on Friday, July 24th, from 11:30 am - 12:30 pm in Room 5AB. Jim Lee is illustrating the wrap-around cover for the eventual collected MAYHEM hardcover and we're unveiling the cover for the first time on the Image panel, so please swing by and check it out!

We're also throwing a huge, star-studded, red-carpeted MAYHEM launch party at Club Stingaree that Saturday night, the 25th. The private guest list is closed but a small portion is open to the public, so if you want to come party with me, early attendance is a must! And if you want to win a VIP ticket to the party, which allows you to be in the VIP room, swing by Slave Boy Films' booth for details. More info at Slave Boy Films official site.

And finally, I just want to thank Atomic Comics and its owner Mike Malve. Team MAYHEM had their first in-store signing session at Atomic Comics in Arizona and it was a huge success! Hundreds of fans showed up, many of them women screaming, "Mayhem!" But the highlight had to be when Todd McFarlane himself showed up to our signing and wore a MAYHEM t-shirt!

So as you can see, the MAYHEM express is charging full steam ahead!

Outside of all this MAYHEM craziness -- if any of the DON'T FORGET TO VALIDATE YOUR PARKING fans would like to meet up at Comic-Con, contact me so we can connect! Would love to meet anyone who actually takes time to read my silly webcomic. See ya in San Diego!

-Mike Le

Part 56 and fan-mail
Sunday, July 5, 2009 - 6:27 PM (PST)

One of the reasons why I've been lacking in updates is that it's been awhile since my agent and I had an interesting exchange. I often get my best material from him. Luckily, before the Holiday break, we engaged in this Noel Coward-like tete-de-tete: "Part 56: One Cool Asian". As you can see, the phone calls with my agent alone are worth the 10% commission.

Elsewhere in the world, producer of such films as TRANSFORMERS 1 & 2, NATURAL BORN KILLERS, and FROM HELL, Don Murphy, was nice enough to go on record with his thoughts on MAYHEM and its creators.

Also, check out my interview with Comic Shop Resources.

And finally... I get the occasional fan-mail and have been humbled by some very nice things people have to say about DON'T FORGET TO VALIDATE YOUR PARKING, but this recent gem I found in my in-box has to take the cake. I, therefore, declare the following FAN-MAIL OF THE MONTH:

    Subject: Hi Mike! More fanmail!


    I just read part 55. Have you only done 55 parts? I feel like I've been reading it forever, only missed a couple interviews. Liked the older format better.

    Anyway, I'm often tempted to send you a "good job!" e-mail, but then again you may only seem funny because I'm drunk. And if everyone else has taken so long to recognize your genius, then why the fuck should I recognize it? But now I feel compelled to do so - after watching that fucking awesome trailer earlier, and now your comic part 55 made me lol... again... cartoons never do that to me, yours is the only cartoon I'll read even hoping to lol. So... good job! I think you're fucking brilliant.

    I don't even laugh at most stand-up comics. So in short, I think you're awesome. At least good enough to have your own series, maybe some cool awards. But is it just me, or is there something about you that annoys everybody, despite being likeable? Not just the fact that you get your friends into trouble at parties, it's more. I don't know, maybe it's because you never change your fucking facial expression. Not once! It's a cartoon man, how about some action! Maybe that's it. Anyway, count me amongst your fans. If you can count that high.

    (name has been deleted to protect the guilty)

Friday, June 5, 2009 - 3:17 AM (PST)

Dear Readers,

I profusely apologize for the lack of updates! I’ve been crazy busy and haven’t had a moment to come up for air much less cough up another Chapter of DON’T FORGET TO VALIDATE YOUR PARKING. But I will soon. I promise. I have to, for the sake of my own sanity, I will have another episode up soon! So what the hell have I been up to that has kept me away from my beloved webcomic?

Well, as some of you know, I have a comic book called MAYHEM! coming out through Image Comics. I co-created it with Tyrese Gibson, Will Wilson, and Tone Rodriguez. And I co-wrote it with Will Wilson. I thought creating a comic book would be a simple process. Like I would write it, they would publish it, and I just sit back and hope we sling a few copies here and there.

It’s been nothing but simple! In fact, the MAYHEM! saga has been all-consuming! Once Image put out the MAYHEM! press release, media outlets picked it up quickly:

Then we drove to Torrance to visit the warehouse of Diamond Distribution. Diamond is North America’s biggest comic book distributor, and we thought it would build a lot of good will if we surprised the people who pack and ship our comic books. Needless to say, they were more than surprised when Tyrese showed up and gave them all MAYHEM! t-shirts.

Things got really crazy when we went live with the pre-orders for MAYHEM! on the Meltdown website. As soon as Tyrese tweeted about it to his followers, this is what happened.

Our book doesn’t come out until August 5th, yet we’re doing unheard of numbers already in pre-sales just at ONE STORE. We’ve sold thousands of copies at Meltdown alone – and we still have two more months to go before it hits shelves. Many of Tyrese’s female fans are trying to out-do each other by buying the comic book in bulk! Talk about showing some love! By the way, for those who don’t already know, Meltdown is the best comic book store in the world. I can hang out at this store for hours and just chat it up with the other regular customers. The owner, Gaston Dominguez, is the greatest geek-maestro around and makes everyone feel welcomed! If you’re in Los Angeles, make this a mandatory stop!

Team Mayhem is regularly at Meltdown Comics where we strategize the MAYHEM! rollout campaign. Here’s me with Will Wilson and Percy Carey huddled in a corner figuring out how to get on the cover of GEEK MAGAZINE.

While we’re off masterminding our next move, Tyrese decides to tweet his followers and tell them that he’s at the store now and if they buy over 20 copies, he will get on the phone with them to personally thank them. Phones lines were flooded and sales spiked.

Here’s Tyrese telling random Meltdown customers about MAYHEM! and got them to pre-order copies on the spot! Can you believe this guy is doing this in between recording music and a hectic TRANSFORMERS 2 press run?

The next day, Tyrese sings the National Anthem before a Lakers game at the Staples Center, and he’s WEARING A MAYHEM! T-SHIRT!!!

You can get your very own MAYHEM! t-shirt here.

We continued our adventure through geek heaven by attending the Botcon 2009 Party at Paramount. That’s Tyrese hugging Peter Cullen, the voice of Optimus Prime.

Then Team Mayhem decided to come out and support one of our favorite directors, Guillermo Del Toro, the filmmaker of PANS LABYRINTH and HELLBOY. At Meltdown, Guillermo was doing a midnight signing of his new novel, THE STRAIN. Eisner-Award nominated writer Percy Carey blogs about the evening here.

Other media outlets were there too.

The next night Tyrese hosted a Twitter bash at a hot Hollywood club called My House. He invited all of his followers to join him at the party as a way of thanking them for their endless support. The event got so crazy that the fire marshal showed up and turned away more than 1,000 people waiting to get in. In the video below, if you don’t blink, you can see me walking into the club with Tyrese and Tila Tequila at around 1:15.

After a long night of partying, we dragged our feet the next day to the big E3 event. For those who don’t know, E3 is North America’s biggest video game 3-day convention where all the game publishers and distributors rollout their latest and greatest. Of course we stopped by to check out the upcoming TRANSFORMERS 2 video game by Activision. Tyrese was intercepted by Pixelated Geek and they got this interview out of him. Once again, I am literally the man behind the man as I am behind Tyrese. I am behind him talking to Dmitri Johnson (bald guys with glasses) of Union Entertainment. You can catch a glimpse of me at the very end of the video when Tyrese moves out of frame.

The next day we revealed the cover to issue #2 of MAYHEM!

So now we’re getting ready for the big Comic-Con in July. Team Mayhem will be featured on the Image panel with many of the other creators, and we’re doing a huge red-carpet MAYHEM! launch party at the Con that weekend. So if any of my readers are going to be there, please come up and say hello! I would love meet you guys! So as you can see, I’ve been busy. Prepping for Con, promoting the book, attending events, running a production company, working on my scripts, and gearing up for the TRANSFORMERS 2 premiere on the 22nd leaves little room for much else! Ah yes, living the dream...

-Mike Le

New strip, Trailer to "W.M.D." and pre-order MAYHEM!!!
Monday, May 18, 2009 - 1:23 AM (PST)

Dear Readers,

Welcome back! First order of business, "Part 55: The Following Takes Place Between 3 PM and 4 PM..." is now up for your reading and sharing pleasures! Jack Bauer fans unite!

Let me tell you about a little film... This political thriller/satire called "W.M.D." I had my dirty hands in it. It's a little bit CATCH 22, a little bit THREE KINGS, with a dose of RESERVOIR DOGS thrown in for good measure. We shot it indie, modest-budget (no way this would ever be a studio film). With our culture still heavy with the black cloud of Bush's policies, Cheney's face on every talk show championing torture, Pelosi waffling on waterboarding, and the controversy of Obama blocking photos of detainee abuse...this is a pretty good time as any to unleash the film. It's bound to offend and put off some people, but as Charles Barkley's Theory of 50/50 proposes: No matter what you say, 50% of the people will like it, while the other 50% will hate it. So yeah, I expect to get some shit for this one. Such is life! Anyways, here's the teaser trailer the producers have taken to Cannes with them.

And finally, here are some preview pages to my comic book MAYHEM! Coming August 5th through Image Comics.

page 6 page 7 page 8 page 9

For those interested, you can pre-order your copy of Issue #1 now exclusively at Meltdown Comics

First 200 pre-ordered copies will be autographed limited editions and at the price point of just $2.99, you can't afford NOT to buy it!

Warning: MAYHEM is extremely violent and meant for mature readers. But if you want to get it for your kids, I won't question your parenting skills.

Your fellow Droogie,

Mike Le

Monday, April 27, 2009 - 4:54 AM (PST)

Man, I am still recovering from this weekend. We had the "un-official" launch party for our soon to be released comic book MAYHEM here in Downtown, Los Angeles. The "official" launch party will be during Comic-Con weekend, and I promise you that one is gonna be a real barn-burner! Thanks to everybody who came out and supported us this weekend. It was an amazing time with a great mix of the Hollywood and comic book elite, not to mention the gaggle of ladies! As one awe-struck comic publisher said to me at the party, "This is a paradise of geeks and hot chicks!" By 10:30pm I could barely see straight. The last round of shots I remember was with Matt Allen and Caleb Wilson (writer of FOUR CHRISTMASES), Peter Schwerin (producer of SCARY MOVIE), and Ben Roberts, as Tyger Williams (writer of MENANCE II SOCIETY) looked on. I do sort of remember hitting on Tila Tequila, but she was having none of it and instead went off to the girl's bathroom to shoot this video. And every girl (i.e. aspiring actress) kept going up to Michael Bay and telling him, "I'm one of the few girls who grew up playing with TRANSFORMERS." I could tell by the look on his face that he's heard that one on a few occasions. Good times had by all! Here are some photos from the red carpet:

This is the creative team behind MAYHEM. From left to right, artist Tone Rodriguez, Mike Le (yep, that's me), Will Wilson, Tyrese Gibson, and Percy Carey.

Tyrese Gibson arrives to the red carpet.

Michael Bay, mega-director of such Hollywood blockbusters as BAD BOYS 1 & 2, THE ROCK, ARMAGEDDON, and TRANSFORMERS 1 & 2 came out to support our comic. Here he is with Tyrese.

Taraji P. Henson, Oscar-nominated actress for her role in THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON.

Tyrese and Taraji.

Tyrese with Tila Tequila and Lala Vazquez.

That's Jeff Katz between Tyrese and Will Wilson. Jeff Katz produced SNAKES ON A PLANE and SHOOT 'EM UP. Katz is also known as the most comic-book savvy guy in Hollywood, and is often the bridge between those two worlds.

From left to right: Chip Mosher of Boom! Studios, crime novelist Gary Phillips, and Jonathan Davis (writer of DUKES OF HAZZARD the movie). You can read my interview with Davis here.

Part 52: Bryan Brinkman Stole My Girlfriend
Monday, March 30, 2009 - 3:14 AM (PST)

Dear Fellow Droogies,

"Part 52: Bryan Brinkman Stole My Girlfriend" is now up for your decadent pleasure! If you don't know who Bryan Brinkman is, look here.

Learn to fear him!

-Mike (Heartbroken in Hollywood) Le

The Sound of One Man Writing
Monday, March 23, 2009 - 11:54 AM (PST)

Hey Folks, sorry for the lack of updates. Been racing to finish a script deadline! If you want to know what that looks like, check out "Part 51: The Sound of One Man Writing"! Hope you're all being as productive as I am.

-Mike Le

PART 50 and new interview with Ben Roberts!
Monday, March 2, 2009 - 1:42 AM (PST)

"Part 50: Cohen, Cohen & Lebowitz" is now up!

Also, an new interview with Ben Roberts, a creative executive at Valhalla Pictures, the production company of Hollywood producer Gale Anne Hurd. If you don't know who Gale Anne Hurd is, get your head out of your ass and look her up on IMDB, for you are not worthy!

I am happy to announce that DON'T FORGET TO VALIDATE YOUR PARKING recently made another best of list, this time on MamaPop's 25 Sparkliest Blogs of 2000-and-Now. I'm not sure what it means to be "Sparkliest" but keeping company with the ONION AV CLUB and KANYE WEST'S BLOG ain't half bad. Thanks for thinking of me, Mom and Pop!

And thanks to HOLLYWOOD IS TALKING for the nice shout out! You love me! You really love me!

A few items: I'm recently read Alex Berenson's books THE FAITHFUL SPY and GHOST WAR, which are some of the best spy novels ever written! CAA just sent me the advance galleys to the third book in the series, THE SILENT MAN, and I can't wait to dive into it. If you love spy stories, do yourself a favor and get these now. You won't be disappointed.

Did you see Conan O'Brien's final LATE NIGHT show? Classy, very classy. Glad he's gracing LA with his presence.

Love Chloe's hair this season on 24! But the ladies on the show (I'm talking about you Annie Wersching) need to stay off Jack Bauer's back! Feel? You want him to FEEL?! Christ, the man has a job to do! And we knew Billy Walsh was an obnoxious asshole on ENTOURAGE, but an FBI mole too? Such range.

And finally, all those people contributing to the backlash of Kara DioGuardi can eat shit and go to hell! Kara is the only judge on AMERICAN IDOL who speaks like a normal person. I mean, Simon spouts the same bile everytime ("You sound like a singer on a cruise"), Randy speaks in a stylized Ebonics, and Paula mumbles from a place of constant intoxication. Even Ryan Seacrest seems a bit off his game this season (he hasn't fully emotionally recovered from the Bradgelina red carpet diss). Kara is a pro and actually makes sense when she speaks.

And I hope Tatiana makes it into the wild card round. She seems like she would be a great fuck. All the crazy ones are.

-Your Winter of Discontent,

Mike Le

Part 49, new interview, and STILL WAITING...!
Monday, February 16, 2009 - 7:44 PM (PST)

Hello Evil-doers! "Part 49: The Idiot's Guide To Dealing With Joaquin Phoenix" is now up!

Also, an interview with Jim Vallely, one of the writer/producers of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, arguably the greatest TV show ever!

Plus, go check out the very funny STILL WAITING, the sequel to the also very funny cult hit, WAITING. STILL WAITING is directed by my friend Jeff Balis and written and produced by an even better friend (sorry Jeff), Rob McKittrick, and picking up the rest of the slack is so-so friend but mega-producer Rhoades Radar. A bunch of brilliant minds who collectively came up with some equally brilliant tits and ass jokes and had the courage to put them all in one epic film. Still not convinced? Here's a few words of inspiration from Rob McKittrick himself...

"On February 17th there will be a new movie arriving at your local DVD supplier titled "Still Waiting..." It is the sequel to a movie I wrote and directed called "Waiting..." (which is also at your DVD supplier if you don't already own it!)... If you liked "Waiting..." you'll probably dig this movie... And if you *didn't* like "Waiting...", well then not only will you probably not like the sequel but you are also a dick.

If you watch "Still Waiting..." and prefer it over the original, I'd like to remind you that I wrote it and produced it and you can hear my voice in it throughout... And if you don't like it as much as the original, or worse, just don't like it at all, I'd like to remind you that I didn't direct it and therefore any negativity should be aimed toward the director, Jeff Balis. I can really only do so much, you know? I'm just one guy. Shit.

I don't expect the critical reception to be particularly wonderful. Critics didn't care much for the original and the sequel is significantly more offensive, I think. That's right, in spite of the fact that there isn't a game where people show their penises to each other, nor any huge "gross-out" scenes, the sequel manages to aim even lower than the first, with jokes about abortion, sodomy, and black people (but in my defense, all three of those topics are hilarious! And offensive!)...

Finally, lest you needed one more reason to check out the movie, I have a cameo in it toward the very end. I play a Scottish Bartender named "Statt." Once you see it I think you'll understand why they've been calling me "Scene-Stealer-McKittrick" around my mother's house...

Alright, that's it... Once again, I hope you like the movie. But more important than you liking it, I hope you buy the movie. And tell your friends to buy. And remind them to tell their friends..." -Rob McKittrick

Part 48: Jesus Christ Superstar
Saturday, February 7, 2009 - 9:39 PM (PST)

For the devout and the spiritually broken, I present to you "Part 48: Jesus Christ Superstar." Thanks to R.D. Wright for his contributions.

Some people say there's no Jesus in Hollywood. To them I respond, then who was that guy who valeted my car last night with the name tag "Jesus?"

Monday, February 2, 2009 - 2:22 AM (PST)

Hey folks, I'm still busy on a movie set and screaming at people! Trust me, I make Christian Bale seem like Mary Poppins. New webcomic coming very soon (after I kick this DP's ass). Keep the faith! In the meantime, check out this interview with comic book writer Mark Sable.

-Mike Le

New interview with novelist Isaac Adamson!
Monday, January 26, 2009 - 12:20 PM (PST)

Dear Readers -- Sorry for the delay in putting up a new webcomic! I know the world is holding its breath, but I am in the fortunate position of being too busy right now as I am in production on a feature I wrote and in post-production on a TV show I am producing. Patience, little grasshoppers, patience.

In the meantime, please enjoy this new interview with novelist Isaac Adamson!

-Mike Le

Omar Shamout interview
Sunday, January 18, 2009 - 5:06 PM (PST)

Guys & Girls, enjoy the new interview with development executive Omar Shamout! He's got plenty to say about the Biz...and ladies, he's single!

I would also like to thank Dispatches from TJICistan for occasionally linking to DON'T FORGET TO VALIDATE YOUR PARKING.

-Mike Le

Josh Cagan interview
Wednesday, January 14, 2009 - 10:53 PM (PST)
Announcing new interview up with screenwriter and funnyman, Josh Cagan! Enjoy!
Had to share with you my encounter with the purple monster. Check it out at "Part 47: Sign O' The Times"
Sunday, January 11, 2009 - 9:17 PM (PST)
Also announcing a new INTERVIEWS section. This is where I get to chat with my friends in the business and allow them a chance to spout their pearls of wisdom for the world to read. First interview is with screenwriter Jonathan Davis.
Welcome to 2009 everybody!
Sunday, January 4, 2009 - 4:20 AM (PST)

Hope all you scribes out there took advantage of the vacation time to finish up that latest spec script (it certainly won't write itself). Here's bringing in the new year with Part 46: The Voice Mail of Joss Whedon.

Also, there's now a PHOTO GALLERY of my personal pictures for everyone's viewing pleasure. Sorry, but I decided NOT to post the notorious photo of me snorting coke off a dead tranny's ass.

And finally, I don't know who the hell Abhay Khosla is, but he was nice enough to mention DON'T FORGET TO VALIDATE YOUR PARKING in this interview at The Comics Reporter. What little research I've done on this Khosla fella has brought me to the conclusion is that he's a pretty smart cookie who writes dynamic reviews of comic books in a sort of New Journalism way (ala early Tom Wolfe) with heavy cultural and social references similar to how Stanley Kauffman used to write his movie reviews for The New Republic. Khosla knows his shit, which is a lot more than I can say about most people today.

-Mike Le

Friday, December 19, 2008 - 1:57 PM (PST)


-Your Fellow Droogy,

Mike Le

Hollywood Survival Rule #2: The difference between a good writer and a bad writer is that a good writer knows when he's writing shit.
Monday, December 8, 2008 - 12:49 PM (PST)

In Malcolm Gladwell's new book OUTLIERS, a compelling examination of success and those who achieve it -- Gladwell makes this point: "...excellence at a complex task requires a critical, minimum level of practice - which surfaces again and again in studies of expertise. In fact, researchers have settled on what they believe is a magic number for true expertise: 10,000 hours."

Gladwell goes on to give examples to support this, like Bobby Fischer, Olympic athletes, The Beatles, and Mozart (who was playing at the age of 4 but wasn't composing great work until the age of 21).

If study after study shows that to be truly good at something requires a minimum of 10,000 hours of hard work -- it forces the question on all of us as writers: Have you reached that minimum? Because the only way you'll know you wrote shit, is if you've written enough of it.

Hollywood Survival Rule #211: Your writing habits should be anchored in some form of addiction.
Monday, December 1, 2008 - 12:17 PM (PST)

Booze, drugs, cigarettes, coffee, internet porn. Most of us are addicted to procrastination. It's all part of the process.

Hollywood Survival Rule #12: If you're going to sleep your way to the top, don't start with the screenwriter.
Wednesday, November 19, 2008 - 12:09 PM (PST)

You'd be doing the screenwriter more of a favor then he would be doing for you.

Mike Le Interviewed by Percy Carey! - Posted by Monica
Tuesday, November 12, 2008 - 5:57 PM (PST)

Mike Le was interviewed by Percy Carey, of!

Check it out here, or on the Press page.

Hollywood Survival Rule #83: Your agent is only as good as the script you wrote.
Wednesday, November 5, 2008 - 2:57 PM (PST)

If your agent/manager had the power to sell 110 pages of crap, they would all be billionaires. Your reps cannot perform miracles. They cannot turn water into wine, part the Red Seas, or sell a poorly executed script. Humbly take notes from your reps, but do not DEPEND on them to tell you what makes a good script. Agents don’t know what makes a good script, producers don’t know what makes a good script, and studios don’t know what makes a good script -- which is why it’s your job, the writer, to show them what a good script is. So what is a good script? I don't know. Just write the story you want to tell, and tell it well.

Hollywood Survival Rule #167: A healthy dose of narcissism is required for success.
Sunday, October 26, 2008 - 11:47 PM (PST)

We’re taught at a very young age to be humble and quietly confident. Fuck that! You wouldn’t be an aspiring screenwriter if you weren’t arrogant enough to believe your script was worth someone paying you six-figures for. You wouldn’t be a producer if you weren’t a control freak – and control freaks believe they can “control” things better than anybody else. You wouldn’t be an aspiring actor/actress if you didn’t believe you were more beautiful and talented than the next guy/gal. If you wrote the next great American screenplay, then own up to it and shout about it to the heavens! Let the world know because no one else is going to pay attention until you make them! Here in Hollywood, people are not afraid to let their egos fly (unless your Tom Hanks).

New FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS now up! - Posted by Monica
Friday, October 24, 2008 - 11:22 AM (PST)

Check it out here...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008 - 5:52 PM (PST)

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